Posted on: December 21, 2008 12:13 pm

ND 2010 recruiting needs 2009 to be a big year

I love watching High School football, almost as much as I love watching ND football so I find myself constantly looking at who is "next". One thing that is clear to me is that the 2009 season is just about the most important year in ND's football future that I can remember. With a good season which I would equate to 10 wins at least with a nice bowl victory I see ND hauling a great class that will push them over the top finally. With a bad year we could find ourselves waiting around another 5 or 6 years. ND is so far ahead of the game with about 10 of the nations top 30 players its redicoulous. Never can i remeber so much talent being in ND strong holds like this. The  players are sons or nephews of former players that are in there or players that are at traditionally strong rooted schools to ND that my head is spinnig. With a good year ND is looking at a class that may have the top DE, OT, RB, ATH, LB, TE and QB in the nation in it with many players that are considered top 3 at there positon also in the mix. It all depneds on a strong year which would secure many of these players. If i had to blueprint it, I would say any kind of victory in this bowl is the start, get back to spring practice and come out firing in September. They need to mix it up and make it exciting and fun but also be sure about the plan and most of all make sure the players know that plan also.
Posted on: December 12, 2008 11:26 pm

Manti Te'o Jelani jenkins

Obviously to get both of these players should and is a priority but what are our chances. We already know that ND wll be able to recruit Te'o for a whole day and a half with the entire team there and coaches, but what are the odds on Jenkins? Weis has yet to really nail down a top 10 defensive recruit to go along with  top 150 recruits on the defensive side but they have fell short the past few years on the big D targets. Has anyone seen or heard anything about a top 3 from either player or do we need to wait for the Army All american Bowl. The 2010 haul is in great shape if ND can put together a good season which I would equate to 10 wins minimum for next year for them to keep the head start they have. The preliminary rankings for the 14  players that have been offered for 2010 are all in the top 250 and 5 of them have been tagged potentional 5 star players, we need a victoy in this bowl and strong year next year along with Weis's frist signature win.

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